Bousher & Gee


Ian Bousher (Written by Theo Gee).

Ian was a fragile child. As you can imagine, being a pasty white skinny ginger kid who loves books doesn’t place you very high up the popularity ladder at school. He eventually met Theo, and finding Theo was like finding religion. Just as Christ suffered for the sins of man so he may enter the Kingdom of Heaven and return to God, so too must Ian suffer so he may be with Theo and his glory for eternity

Theo Gee (Written by Ian Bousher).

To look upon Theo is to look upon pain, regret, and a sad beard. But compared to what his Jewish ancestors went through, Theo felt that he just wasn’t miserable enough to do them justice. Once, as he was peeling his own toenails off, he came across a titan of a man. A man whose rippling creative muscles led Theo to think “perhaps there is a way other than suffering?” That man was Ian.